Long Beach Dog Bite Lawyer

Long Beach Dog Bite Lawyer

Long Beach’s municipal code §6.16.100 specifies that a dog leash is required on, “any public street, sidewalk, improvement, park or other public places, or private property if the private property is open or accessible to the public.” Even still, Long Beach dog bite injuries happen.

Have you been injured in a dog bite incident or attack? Are you embarrassed to talk to a lawyer about your dog bite injury? You are not alone. People hesitate to contact dog bite injury attorneys because they feel silly for being bitten, or they are worried about what the dog owner might say.

The dog owner is probably the first one to tell you that it is not a big deal.

However, when the hospital bills come due, it is clear that you need legal assistance to prevent sinking rapidly into debt.

When to Hire a Long Beach Dog Bite Lawyer?

The Insurance Information Institute ranks California as the number one state for dog bite incidents. Its 2019 data shows that there were 2,396 claims with an average cost of $51,265 per claim. The value of these claims was $122.83 million.

Since California is the state with the highest risk of sustaining a dog bite, a Long Beach dog bite lawyer can help you effectively navigate the dog bite laws and processes for receiving compensation. If you are unsure how to report the attack to Animal Services or establish a claim with the insurance company, the law office’s staff can assist you.

Even though your immediate concern may be focused on initial medical costs, there are other expenses you might not have thought of including:

  • Scar treatment. Children, in particular, benefit from the treatment of scarring to minimize the visible remnants of the attack. Adults, too, may need to undergo this treatment.
  • Mental health care. Did you know that dog bite victims can develop PTSD and similar conditions? Feeling suddenly afraid around dogs can be utterly dehabilitating. Treatment is available, however, there is a significant cost.
  • Lost wages. You probably took some time off. Maybe you were fearful to leave your home for a few days. It is possible that the dog attack made it difficult or impossible to perform your regular job. In these cases, you may be dealing with a diminished earning capacity in addition to lost wages.

Having a skilled and knowledgeable Long Beach dog bite lawyer will ensure that your claim is handled properly from the outset and the estimated costs of medical expenses is properly accounted for. The attorneys at MKP Law Group, LLP have handled dozens of dog bite cases and are here to help dog bite victims win the maximum compensation they deserve.

You Were Bitten by a Dog. Now What?

aggressive dog bite teeth

Even though the dog’s owner may attempt to downplay the severity of the bite, there are often serious injuries that follow these dog bite accidents.

A dog bite injury victim should follow these steps after the incident:

  • Emergency treatment. If in doubt, call first responders. If you believe you can drive, head to the emergency room. It is critical that the treating doctor documents all Long Beach dog bite injuries that you sustained during the attack. Frequently, there are abrasions, bruises, and possible head or back injuries in addition to the actual bite itself.
  • Police and Animal Services report. Document the attack. A police report is tremendously helpful because it establishes a concrete location and the owner’s name. If there are witnesses, you will find their contact information in the report later on. Animal Services also needs a report that there is a potentially dangerous dog or animal in the area. Take pictures with your phone to show the extent of the injury and damage to your person.
  • Legal assistance. The dog owner has a vested interest in downplaying the attack. If it happened on their property, the homeowner’s insurance coverage will be tapped to pay for your care. Take advantage of the resources the attorney can offer to find medical providers who work with you on a no-out-of-pocket lien basis, which prevents the buildup of medical bills. A personal injury lawyer in Long Beach can also direct you to a psychologist who may be able to help you with the stress and emotional consequences.

How do I know if I am eligible for compensation?

Victims of dog bites are entitled to recover damages for both their monetary and non-monetary losses after suffering a dog bite.

The experienced dog bite attorneys at MKP Law Group, LLP will fight to get your full compensation for your losses including:

  • Medical Bills
  • Lost Earnings or Diminished Earning Capacity
  • Pain & Suffering, Emotional Stress
  • Scar Revision Treatment
  • Mental Trauma (PTSD)

Each dog bite case is different due to several factors including the severity of the attack and the number of medical bills incurred as a result of the attack. The attorneys at MKP Law Group, LLP will build the best personal injury case possible to make sure you or a loved one gets the compensation they deserve.

Contact MKP Law Group, LLP Today

In California, there is a two-year statute of limitations for filing a dog bite personal injury claim from the date of the incident. However, waiting to hire an experienced dog bite attorney is never recommended as there are many factors that can reduce the value of your claim.

So do not delay, and call MKP Law Group, LLP today for your 100% free consultation. It is never in your best interest to negotiate with an insurance company or accept their offer without first consulting with an experienced dog bite attorney. The dog bite & attack lawyers at MKP Law Group, LLP will handle the insurance claims on your behalf and negotiate with the insurance company to get you top dollar. If the insurance company refuses to negotiate fairly and only makes low-ball offers, our attorneys are experienced litigators and will file suit in court.

At MKP Law Group, LLP, we have personal injury attorneys that are highly experienced in handling dog bite injury & attack cases and have obtained large settlements on behalf of our clients. Call 310-285-5353 or fill out the contact form below to discuss your case and legal options with our dog bite lawyers.

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