If you live in Los Angeles, you have likely seen the new craze that is Bird/Lime-S Scooters. These electric scooters are a relatively new phenomenon that has taken over Santa Monica and West LA in particular. Much like Uber or Lyft, these scooters use apps that are pay-as-you-go. All users have to do is download the app, select a nearby scooter and then ride the scooters to the desired location. It’s incredibly convenient and is growing in popularity.

While users enjoy the convenience, low cost, and fun of riding a scooter, these Bird and Lime-S scooters are causing accidents and injuries. Though it is against the law, riders often do not wear helmets. Bird also requires that users only ride one-at-a-time and do not allow passengers on the scooter. Bird’s agreement also prohibits using cell phones while riding the scooter, however, picturesque views of the beach and the lure of posting on social media mean that many riders disregard this prohibition.

Reckless users have already caused numerous accidents by running stop-signs, going back and forth from the sidewalk to the street, and getting distracted by using their phones. All of these things increase the risk of accidents with automobiles and pedestrians. Moreover, many riders simply dump the scooters on the sidewalk after they are finished resulting in trip-and-fall risks. Pedestrians and motorists are not the only people at risk of getting injured in a scooter accident. Users of the Bird or Lime-S scooters can be gravely injured through the negligence of other drivers. Whether it be a motorist who is not paying attention to theroadway or a driver who has just parked his car and opens his door without looking, users of Bird Scooters are subject to great injury.