Unfortunately, accidents are an inescapable aspect of life. Worse yet, many of these accidents are fatal. There is no more of a tragic and traumatic event than the loss of a loved one, especially one caused by another’s negligence. Our legal system has developed a section of law called “Wrongful Death” that was designed to compensate families who have lost a loved one.

Aside from the invaluable loss of love and companionship, a family also loses both monetary and non-monetary contributions from a deceased loved one to the household. The death of a loved one usually leaves the family in a tough financial situation as they begin to incur substantial medical bills and funeral/burial expenses. These are items that can be recovered by bringing a Wrongful Death action. Wrongful Death actions are often fiercely contested by the at-fault party, and require complex litigation skills most attorneys do not possess.

Maximizing the family’s recovery is what sets MKP Law Group apart from other attorneys. Our team of attorneys has extensive experience in handling Wrongful Death actions from inception to completion, and with great success. MKP Law Group knows how to properly prepare such cases in order to maximize the chances of a large recovery. If you or someone close to you has recently lost a love one, contact MKP Law Group at (310) 285-5353 immediately to schedule your free consultation with our attorneys.

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