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Delivery Drivers and Dog Bite Attacks


January 16, 2023

Delivery drivers are often victims of dog bite attacks simply due to the fact that they frequently encounter aggressive canines while on the job. Drivers for Amazon, UPS, Fedex, UberEats, Postmates and other delivery services make up a high percentage of the dog bite victims we represent at MKP Law Group, LLP. Unfortunately, many of these delivery companies do not have clear policy and procedures on how to deal with dogs which puts drivers at-risk of injury. This unfortunate reality was highlighted by a recent fatal attack of an Amazon driver.

The attack occurred in October 2022 in Missouri. In that case, the homeowner was gone at the time of the delivery and their 2 dogs, a German Shepherd and English mastiff, attacked the driver as he attempted to complete the delivery. Unfortunately, the driver died as a result of the numerous bite wounds. While attacks leading to a fatality are rare, dogs attacking delivery drivers is not. Many breeds of dogs are inherently territorial and will aggressively defend their property.

This unfortunate incident highlights the need for large companies, such as Amazon, to provide better, more comprehensive training to drivers on how to properly assess and handle dogs while making deliveries. While owners need to act responsibly in securing their dogs, delivery companies also need to better prepare and educate delivery drivers. Absent changes to corporate training and policies, delivery drivers will continue to face danger from aggressive dogs. Delivery drivers that are injured by dogs while in the course and scope of their employment should be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits through their employer, and are also entitled to sue the dog owner for personal injuries.